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Factions of the land

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1Factions of the land Empty Factions of the land on Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:01 pm

Ludraga kingdom

Tight-fisted rule by 'The Council'. The only allowed religion is the worship of Rovega, god of strength, war, civilisation, justice. Population mainly cowed into submission. Not magically inclined though they have a college of war wizardry. Has a treaty with 'The Borderlands' for the supply of advanced dwarven metal weaponry in exchange for non-aggression. 

Very well disciplined, trained and equipped military. Compulsory drafting of all males at their 'Coming of Age' (15) for 5 years. Many end up joining the military due to high pay, priviledges afforded, and respect/fear among the populace. Heavy military police presence maintained to keep military in line and to serve as the kingdom's police force.

Principality of Aringarossa

'Modern' urban fey city. Culturally rich, reknown for patronage of the arts, craftsmanship and skills. Ruled by the Arins, a monarchy of Eladrins. At the forefront of magical research. Worships the elven pantheon of deities. Very liberal society. 

Strong reliance on magic in warfare, supported by the most prestigious 'Tower of Harn'. Has many specialist units, but small in numbers. 

The Corbold Lands

Wasteland populated by criminals and rebels. Run by a gang called 'The Corbolds'. Mob justice administered by the Corbolds keep the population from rampaging against everyone. Mainly motivated by survival. In the past, voluntary aid by the Principality prevented the Corbolds from encroaching on Principality lands. Does not like either the Kingdom or Principality but has deep hatred for the Kingdom due to continued encroachment. After the peace treaty, still harbors deep seated suspicions against everyone but has thus far held their end of the bargain to prevent the infringment of the 3rd clause; an attack on one of them is an attack on all of them. Very potent information network due to the existence and backing of an extensive spy network.

Military non-existent. However, the desert terrain is a place of hardship for armies. The populace are mostly men who are ex-military, or are at least capable of handling themselves well. 

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