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"Primera Turathi" Character Builds

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1"Primera Turathi" Character Builds Empty "Primera Turathi" Character Builds on Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:36 am

"First of the Turathi"- Founders of the Bael Turath.

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2"Primera Turathi" Character Builds Empty Shay Van Pusse on Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:31 am

Ali Baba & the 4T(urathi) Tiefs Razz

Ardent * 1st draft

Shay Van Pusse, level 15
Tiefling, Ardent, Infernal Eye
Build: Euphoric Ardent
Ardent Mantle: Mantle of Elation
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Mace)
Background: Early Life - Social Outcast (+2 to Bluff, Insight, Perception)

Str 9, Con 19, Dex 11, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 24.

Str 8, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 18.

AC: 30 Fort: 25 Reflex: 21 Will: 30
HP: 101 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 25

Bluff +23, Insight +21, Endurance +15, Diplomacy +19

Acrobatics +7, Arcana +7, Dungeoneering +9, Heal +9, History +7, Intimidate +14, Nature +9, Perception +16, Religion +7, Stealth +8, Streetwise +14, Thievery +6, Athletics +5

Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise
Level 1: Martyr's Surge
Level 2: Wind of Sympathy
Level 4: Bolstering Mantle
Level 6: Heartening Surge (retrained to Mantle of Caution at Level 12)
Level 8: Toughness (retrained to Improved Ardent Surge at Level 11)
Level 10: Melee Training (Charisma)
Level 11: Mammon's Theft of Health
Level 12: Bolstering Wind
Level 14: Widened Mantle

Ardent at-will 1: Energizing Strike
Ardent at-will 1: Focusing Strike
Ardent daily 1: Implanted Suggestion
Ardent utility 2: Close Wounds
Ardent at-will 3: Unsteadying Rebuke
Ardent daily 5: Invitation to Defeat
Ardent utility 6: Escalating Fury
Ardent at-will 7: Unsteadying Rebuke (replaces Unsteadying Rebuke)
Ardent daily 9: Feast of Despair
Ardent utility 10: Tower of Iron Will
Ardent at-will 13: Essence Conduit (replaces Trailblazing Assault)
Ardent daily 15: Coordinated Effort (replaces Implanted Suggestion)

Adventurer's Kit, Healer's Brooch +3, Summoned Crysteel Armor +4, Couters of Second Chances (heroic tier), Cord of Divine Favor (paragon tier), Acrobat Boots (heroic tier), Parry Gauntlets (heroic tier), Cognizance Crystal (heroic tier) (3), Blade of the Eldritch Knight Longsword +3, Blood Fury Handaxe +1, Rhythm Blade Short sword +1

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3"Primera Turathi" Character Builds Empty Re: "Primera Turathi" Character Builds on Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:01 am

Possible Characters

Iofiel, The Hellsworn
"Primera Turathi" Character Builds Azazel_HCV

Iofiel, The Hellsworn, level 15
Tiefling, Warlock, Turathi Highborn
Eldritch Strike: Eldritch Strike Constitution
Eldritch Pact: Infernal Pact
Arcane Admixture Damage Type: Arcane Admixture Cold
Bolts of Bedevilment: Bolts of Bedevilment Constitution
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Light Blade)
Arcane Admixture Power: Hellish Rebuke

Hell's Chosen :
Speak Supernal, Diplomacy Class skill, +2 Diplomacy

Str 13, Con 22, Dex 13, Int 16, Wis 9, Cha 18.

Str 12, Con 18, Dex 12, Int 11, Wis 8, Cha 14.

AC: 28 Fort: 26 Reflex: 24 Will: 25
HP: 104 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 26

History +15, Religion +15, Diplomacy +18, Bluff +18, Arcana +15

Acrobatics +8, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +13, Heal +6, Insight +6, Intimidate +12, Nature +6, Perception +6, Stealth +10, Streetwise +11, Thievery +8, Athletics +8

Level 1: Hellfire Blood
Level 2: Turathi Weapon Training
Level 4: Blade Initiate
Level 6: Blood Pact of Cania
Level 8: Cloying Shadow of Maladomini (retrained to Dual Implement Spellcaster at Level 12)
Level 10: Killing Curse (retrained to Armor Proficiency: Chainmail at Level 11)
Level 11: Arcane Admixture
Level 12: Arcane Fire
Level 14: Wintertouched
Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise

Eldritch Blast: Eldritch Strike
Infernal Pact: Hellish Rebuke
Warlock encounter 1: Chains of Levistus
Warlock daily 1: Flames of Phlegethos
Warlock utility 2: Ethereal Stride
Warlock encounter 3: Fiery Bolt
Warlock daily 5: Hellsworn Blessing
Warlock utility 6: Fey Switch
Warlock encounter 7: Howl of Doom
Warlock daily 9: Summons of Khirad
Warlock utility 10: Destiny Inversion
Warlock encounter 13: Killing Flames (replaces Chains of Levistus)
Warlock daily 15: Thirsting Maw (replaces Flames of Phlegethos)

Eladrin Braidmail Armor +3, Challenge-Seeking Khopesh +4, Shadowrift Blade Sickle +3, Cloak of Translocation +3, Boots of the Fencing Master (heroic tier), Skull Mask (heroic tier), Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic tier), Demonskin Tattoo (heroic tier), Gloves of Eldritch Admixture (heroic tier)

Highlights :

Average 55 DPR, ranged
Possible Nova capabilities with two encounter Aoe powers.
Awesome sustained damage
Might be a little healing intensive because of the aggro he draws.

Iofiel, Commander of the Crimson Legion
"Primera Turathi" Character Builds Rau_Le_Creuset_Gundam_Seed_Phase45
Yes as Shao pointed out, the annoying guy from Gundam Seed.

Iofiel, Commander of the Crimson Legion, level 15
Tiefling, Psion|Warlord, Infernal Eye
Discipline Focus (Hybrid): Telepathy Focus (Hybrid)
Warlord Leadership: Combat Leader (Hybrid)
Hybrid Warlord: Hybrid Warlord Fortitude
Psionic Augmentation (Hybrid): Hybrid Encounter Power
Hybrid Talent: Warlord Armor Proficiency
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Staff)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Orb)

Str 12, Con 14, Dex 11, Int 22, Wis 9, Cha 22.

Str 11, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 16, Wis 8, Cha 16.

AC: 30 Fort: 27 Reflex: 29 Will: 29
HP: 82 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 20

Insight +18, Perception +18, History +18, Arcana +18

Acrobatics +6, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +13, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +8, Heal +6, Intimidate +13, Nature +6, Religion +13, Stealth +8, Streetwise +13, Thievery +6, Athletics +7

Level 1: Bardic Dilettante
Level 2: Hybrid Talent
Level 4: Superior Implement Training (Crystal orb)
Level 6: Imperious Majesty
Level 8: Bloodhunter's Dread
Level 10: Scion of the Gods (retrained to Paragon Defenses at Level 11)
Level 11: Combat Commander
Level 12: Psychic Lock
Level 14: Fight On
Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise

Hybrid at-will 1: Direct the Strike
Hybrid at-will 1: Dishearten
Hybrid Encounter Power: Vengeance is Mine
Hybrid daily 1: Telepathic Projection
Hybrid utility 2: Intellect Fortress
Hybrid at-will 3: Dishearten (replaces Dishearten)
Hybrid encounter 3: Powerful Warning
Hybrid daily 5: Scent of Victory
Hybrid utility 6: Reorient the Axis
Hybrid at-will/encounter 7: Mind Break
Hybrid daily 9: Mind Blast
Hybrid utility 10: Dimensional Shortcut
Hybrid at-will/encounter 13: Thunder Tether (replaces Powerful Warning)
Hybrid daily 15: War Master's Assault (replaces Telepathic Projection)

Crystal orb of Impenetrable Escape +4, Skald's Braidmail Armor +3, Cloak of Distortion +3, Resplendent Gloves (heroic tier), Headband of Intellect (heroic tier), Deathcut Earthhide Armor +3, Lifeblood Earthhide Armor +3, Diamond Cincture (heroic tier), Boots of Eagerness (heroic tier), Recoil Shield Light Shield (heroic tier), Demonskin Tattoo (heroic tier)
Highlights :

Currently gives a +6 to party inits (+9 at lvl 16)
Subs as healer with Fight On.
Gives out massive attack penalties (-4 unaugmented, -8 augmented, -10 augmented/bloodied)
Locks down mobs with Thunder Tether.
High Defenses.
Good Enabler (Reorient the Axis, Dimensional Shortcut, Scent of Victory, Warmaster's

Could you guys comment on what you would rather me play? I'm creating a build for a pure controller soon, although I don't think the Psion|Warlord version is that far off from what a controller can do.

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4"Primera Turathi" Character Builds Empty Re: "Primera Turathi" Character Builds on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:58 pm

Chiron, the Warbringer

====== ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Chiron, level 15
Tiefling, Battlemind, Tiefling Warfiend
Build: Harrier Battlemind
Psionic Study: Persistent Harrier
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Axe)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Background: Hellfire Heir, Occupation - Military, Geography - Forest (Learn Supernal)

Str 15, Con 22, Dex 15, Int 9, Wis 12, Cha 18.

Str 14, Con 18, Dex 14, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 12.

AC: 32 Fort: 28 Reflex: 25 Will: 26
HP: 131 Surges: 15 Surge Value: 32

Insight +13, Intimidate +16, Athletics +14, Endurance +16, Perception +13

Acrobatics +7, Arcana +6, Bluff +13, Diplomacy +11, Dungeoneering +8, Heal +8, History +6, Nature +8, Religion +6, Stealth +9, Streetwise +11, Thievery +7

Level 1: Wrathful Warrior
Level 2: Reaving Axe Student
Level 4: Savage Axe
Level 6: Harrying Step
Level 8: Toughness
Level 10: Psychic Corruption of Malbolge
Level 11: Headsman's Chop
Level 12: Heavy Blade Opportunity
Level 14: Reaving Axe Brute
Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise

Battlemind at-will 1: Vicious Cobra Strike
Battlemind at-will 1: Conductive Defense
Battlemind daily 1: Accelerating Strike
Battlemind utility 2: Grit and Spittle
Battlemind at-will 3: Lodestone Lure
Battlemind daily 5: Inconstant Location
Battlemind utility 6: Winged Weapon
Battlemind at-will 7: Psionic Speed (replaces Vicious Cobra Strike)
Battlemind daily 9: Shattered Time
Battlemind utility 10: Battle Aspect
Battlemind at-will 13: Brutal Barrage (replaces Conductive Defense)
Battlemind daily 15: Crushing Wave Strike (replaces Accelerating Strike)

Belt of Blood (heroic tier), Summoned Stormscale Armor +4, Resplendent Cloak +3, Flaming Khopesh +3, Heavy Shield, Bracers of Tactical Blows (heroic tier), Boots of Quickness (heroic tier), Eager Hero's Tattoo (heroic tier), Strikebacks (heroic tier), Helm of Exemplary Defense (heroic tier)
====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======

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5"Primera Turathi" Character Builds Empty Re: "Primera Turathi" Character Builds on Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:03 pm

stone fist is the sexy beast.

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